Firearm Classes

Exposed Firearm Permit (Security Guards)-This is the permit needed to carry a firearm on duty as a licensed security guard in California. This 2 day class consists of 8 hours of classroom training and 6 hours of range time. Day 1 will be held at South West Self Defense Systems-41658 Ivy Street #110, Murrieta, CA and Day 2 will be held at Rainbow Range-3139 Rainbow Valley Blvd, Rainbow, CA. Cost is $195. See Schedule for next class date. You must bring proof of citizenship.

Exposed Firearm Permit Requalification-You must re-qualify 4 times during the life of your Exposed Firearm Permit.  Re-quals will be held at Rainbow Range-3139 Rainbow Valley Blvd, Rainbow, CA.  Cost is $65, no extra fee for more than 1 caliber. See Schedule for next date. You must bring proof of citizenship to each requalification.

Use the chart below to see when you should qualify.

Permit Expiration Month 1st Qualification 2nd Qualification 3rd Qualification 4th Qualification
January May-Jun Oct-Nov Apr-May Sep-Oct
February Jun-Jul Nov-Dec May-Jun Oct-Nov
March Jul-Aug Dec-Jan Jun-Jul Nov-Dec
April Aug-Sep Jan-Feb Jul-Aug Dec-Jan
May Sep-Oct Feb-Mar Aug-Sep Jan-Feb
June Oct-Nov Mar-Apr Sep-Oct Feb-Mar
July Nov-Dec Apr-May Oct-Nov Mar-Apr
August Dec-Jan May-Jun Nov-Dec Apr-May
September Jan-Feb Jun-Jul Dec-Jan May-Jun
October Feb-Mar Jul-Aug Jan-Feb Jun-Jul
November Mar-Apr Aug-Sep Feb-Mar Jul-Aug
December Apr-May Sep-Oct Mar-Apr Aug-Sep